Shipside, founded in The Netherlands in 1956, is the true specialist when it comes to factory-new tax-free car sales directly to the public. Shipside's head office is located in Hoofddorp, no more than 5 minutes from Amsterdam Airport, Schiphol. Over the years Shipside has delivered and shipped more than 62.000 vehicles all over the world. In 1996 Shipside came on line and can be found on the internet, our E-mail adress is:

Shipside takes care of every detail

Shipside has an unmatched reputation for convenience, service and most of all price. Shipside can handle your entire purchase, from ordering till delivery, by mail, phone or E-mail. Shipside's unique and comprehensive computer data system is constantly updated. We are able to inform you on-the-spot all you wish to know about any make & model. We can instantly mail, or E-mail you the latest information about the vehicle of your choice. Whether your choice is an European- Japanese- or American made vehicle. Whether you wish to take personal delivery. Or prefer direct shipment. Simply inform us what you want, when and where and Shipside's service, convenience and above all prices are guaranteed to work to your full satisfaction.

Why you should consider Shipside

  • Shipside can offer you choice. Whether manufactured in Europe, Japan or the U.S.A., under one roof we offer a car for every budget.
  • Shipside can offer you more than 60 years of experience.
  • Shipside can handle your entire order procedure by mail, phone or E-mail.
  • Shipside can offer you flexibility and accessibility via its own offices in Holland.
  • Shipside offers you Worldwide Shipment at competitive prices. Whether you need a vehicle for pleasure or business, let Shipside do the work.



The Shipside advantage

Buying a car, or cars, long distance (Mail, E-mail or Phone), is most likely not your regular way of buying a car. In such a transaction, trust, dependability, experience and a longstanding excellent business record are most important. Shipside through its more than 60 years of buying cars from every imaginable Manufacturer and Supplier has established an unbeatable financial advantage which in turn enables Shipside to offer the best prices to her clientele.

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