Transportation or shipment worldwide

Shipside has transported and shipped thousands of vehicles worldwide. Roll-on-Roll-off, containerized, even by air, we arrange transportation to practically any destination in the world. Also overland-trailer transport can be arranged. We take care of all details and border crossing documents. We strongly recommend considering adequate (Marine) insurance during the transportation (Shipment). An average fee of 2% will cover you against serious damage.

Importation at final destination

Must you pay duty and/or tax...? Not necessarily! Depending on your personal 'status' (Emigrant, Employee of an Intern. Organization, Diplomat etc.) you may very well be exempt. Each Country has its Rules & Regulations which are frequently altered or adjusted! Be sure which Law, Rule or Regulation applies to you. Please get in touch with the proper (local) Authority and inquire what applies in your particular situation. When you are exempt from duty/taxes, documentation to that effect must be presented to the proper Authorities upon importation.

Registration and proof of ownership (Europe)

Vehicles ordered for personal pick-up are equipped with license plates and a registration in the name of the owner/driver. Also having European Road Insurance is mandatory. Being a non-resident of any given country gives you the right to operate a tax-free vehicle in that country for a limited time. Entering your home-country and to remain there with the vehicle, makes the vehicle eligible for taxation in accordance with Local- and your Personal circumstances. When Shipside receives your order and deposit, documents to obtain your personal tax free plates & registration will be mailed to you with clear instructions how to complete them.

The tax-free registration/title in your name together with Shipside's invoice serve as proof of ownership wherever you and your vehicle are (going).

When a vehicle is ordered for direct shipment or overland trailer transportation License Plates and/or a Personal Title/Registration are not issued.

The following documents serve as Proof of ownership:
a) Shipside's invoice made out to client together with the vehicles VIN number.

b)The Official shipping/transport documents issued by the Shipping- or Transport Company, made out in the client's name and address, again showing the vehicle's information.

When the Authorities in your Country of Final Destination require special papers (with Notarization) Shipside (at a modest fee) may provide that service upon request.

Every vehicle in the U.S.A. conforms with all U.S. federal motor vehicle safety standards (DOT and EPA). These standards are about the most complete- and environmentally friendly specifications available today. A vehicle with U.S. specifications will equal- or even surpass the required ones in most countries. Please, check with your Local Motor Vehicle Authorities for acceptance.