The procedure couldn't be more simple...

  1. Phone, fax, E-mail or write the Shipside office, and give the following information ...
  • Make and model
  • Optional equipment
  • Left hand- or Right hand drive
  • Place of delivery (personal pick up)
  • Date of delivery
  • Type and length of road insurance
  • Vehicle's country of final importation
  • Shipment destination (Country and Port)
  • Marine insurance (during shipment)

... and, Shipside has a detailed price in your hands by return. After we receive your approval we follow up with sending you our order form. Return the signed order form together with the required 25% deposit (check or bank transfer) and Shipside will place your order with the respective manufacturer/supplier without delay.

2) In the event you are hesitating between 2 or 3 different makes, just ask us for the complete line of cars of the 2 or 3 manufacturers. Shipside's unique computer data system is able to produce up-to-date information with just the push of a button. Again, by return mail, fax or E-mail you have all information and prices right at your fingertips.

For detailed information

To supply you with the latest information about prices, Standard- & Optional equipment and availability. Your fax machine is the ideal instruments to communicate. Our fax number is +31 20 653 3241.

General delivery time

1) For a custom-made car.
When Shipside has received your firm order and required 25% deposit, the production/processing time for a custom-made vehicle with most Manufacturers is generally between 8 to 15 weeks.

2) For a none custom-made car.
For the person, to whom delivery on short notice is important, the Shipside advantage is second to none.

Upon receipt of your firm order and full payment, via its extensive network of suppliers Shipside may be able to obtain your vehicle within 5 to 7 working days.

Naturally Shipside will only operate within the guidelines indicated by you. After your confirmed approval we will claim the car at the respective Manufacturer/Supplier and have it ready for your personal pick up or prepare it for direct

Order & delivery